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50 References- Really?

50 References- Really?

Would I ever really need to request 50 references on one applicant?  

Sure, we let you add up to 50 references on a single applicant while most automated reference check software only allows 5 or less.  Sure, when done manually, it is rare to check more than 3 due to the time and effort involved.  So you may be wondering, when would I ever need to add 50 references for a single applicant?  Well, hopefully you don’t!  We would rather let you have more than you need than limit the information you can get.

So how many is enough?  It depends.  The more information you can gather about someone and their work habits, the better.  We definitely recommend 5-10 completed references.  And remember, some may not respond (or not in a timely manner); so it is possible you may need to send reference surveys to 12-15 people in order to get a complete profile.  Some applicants will list personal references in situations that call for professional references (a topic we will discuss in detail in a future post!)

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