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Can’t the Applicant enter their own References?

This is another way we differ from many automated reference check solutions.  While it may seem like a great time and headache saver to simply have the applicant enter their own reference information, we use a different workflow on purpose.

When you consider how much time you will save using our tool over the manual process in the first place, the few minutes it takes to enter reference information is well worth it- and time well spent.  It gives you a chance to look at the references the applicant has put down and spot any inconsistencies up front.  It allows you to weed out references you do not want- such as Aunt Sally!

For those that still want to let the applicant enter them- fear not!  We are building that feature into a future update- as an added workflow, not to replace the current one.  We believe in giving you the best of both worlds!

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