What is Online Reference Check?

Online Reference Check is a flexible, user-friendly, web-based solution that automates the reference check process saving time and money.

home-rotator4Online Reference Check is easy and can be used by anyone – individuals and organizations. An organization might use it to as part of the reference checking process used during the hiring process. An individual might want to quickly check the references on a painter, roofer or housekeeper.

This reference checking system is easy to use for individuals, recruiters and human resource personnel. It provides meaningful reporting capabilities to allow you to make fast and conscious decisions. It is a robust technology platform that is highly secure to guarantee confidentiality and protection to all parties concerned at all times.

No More Regrets!

OverviewThere are two reasons why this important step is often missed:

  1. The phone tag with potential references is too bothersome and never leads to a telephone discussion
  2. The time it takes to check the references is difficult to carve out.

Skipping this important step often leads to regrets and the eventual disengagement of the relationship over issues which could have easily been identified during the reference check process.  No more Regrets from missing this important step.

Return on Investment!

Our Online Reference Check System does everything for you. All you have to do is enter the data and our system does the rest. You can sit back and wait for the automated report to come to your email. It’s that easy! If you would like to wrap up the reference check early, you can manually pull a report from the references at any time.

Corporate Example

For human resource professionals to spend their expensive time playing phone tag, chasing down references when an automated process is available, just isn’t a good use of your employee’s time or resources.

Here’s an actual analysis we did for a large corporation.

  • The corporation employed 6,000 people
  • At the time of our analysis had approximately 275 open positions posted
  • Postings included full time, part time, contract and reserve opportunities
  • During a one year period, they estimated 1,000 hires
  • They required a minimum of two supervisor references on each hire

“If we estimate that we do references on two candidates for every open position, we are looking at about 550 references. Some positions may involve more than one candidate in the final running, thus resulting in more references.”

The corporation also estimated that their expense per reference check was approximately $73 when they considered their employee cost and time it required to get even two reference responses per potential new hire.

Sample Case Study
Open Positions 10 100 1,000
Current Method Cost $300 $3,000 $30,000
Online Reference Check Cost $100 $1,000 $10,000
Savings $200 $2,000 $20,000

Online Reference Check Is Efficient.

Utilizing our standard or customized reference check surveys, the system reaches out to as many as 50 potential references per reference check need making the cost per person extremely low. The references receive an email which guides them through the simple process.

You get the information you need quickly and affordably for your potential employees, vendors, contractors, customers or any other reference you need to check.

Online Reference Check gets better responses.

Email-ReferenceOnline Reference Check gets better responses than the typical phone tag reference checking method since the references can complete the survey on his/her own time. The references are informed in the initial email that their individual responses will not be shared with the individual for whom they are a reference, so they feel safe sharing the valuable information you need from a reference.

Online Reference Check does all the work.

The system sends an email to each individual reference identified by your potential new hire, vendor, tenant, etc. If they do not respond within the identified time frame, it will send them a reminder email. If the reference is really busy, Online Reference Check will continue to send reminders until the date when you have identified for the completion of the reference check. Then the system will automatically generate you a helpful reference check report.

There are many advantages to using Online Reference Check

Studies indicate that automated surveys are more accurate than surveys conducted using live calls. The following are just a few of these advantages:

  • Less Expensive – Surveys conducted using automatic survey technology are much less expensive because when an individual or a recruiter is making the call, he or she is using time that could be spent doing other tasks more appropriate for his/her skill level. No physical hand and headsets are required. Your Online Reference Check survey is conducted by a computerized system and no labor is required.
  • More Timely Surveys – Because automated surveys are conducted by technology rather than humans, a larger number of references can be checked all at once. The number of simultaneous reference check is limited only by your need and not by the number people available to make the calls.
  • More Frequent Surveys – Due to less cost and faster turnaround, automated reference checks can be conducted more frequently, providing you with more timely and up to date results.
  • Consistent Questions – Automated reference check surveys have predetermined questions that are presented to each respondent is the same and consistent way.
  • Eliminates Surveyor Bias – Human error is eliminated.  A person checking references checks may unwittingly ask questions in a biased or leading manner. Even the fact that a man or a woman asks the question can affect the bias of the response. With Online Reference Check, there is no surveyor bias.
  • Respondents Tend To Be More Honest – Studies show that respondents are likely to answer questions more honestly if responding to an automated system rather than a person.

Cloud Based Technology!

Cloud-ComputingIf you are using Online Reference Check for a large organization, there is no need to worry about integrating with internal HR or Talent systems or other internal technology. With Online Reference Check, Everything is in the Cloud. You can check any reference, anytime and from any location.

Ready to use Surveys Or Build Your Own Custom Survey!

Online Reference Check has several reference check surveys already loaded and ready for you to use; however, you can also tailor the current surveys or you can create your own. You can have as many surveys as wish, so if you are a hospital, you can have a survey for physicians, a survey for nurses, a survey for administrators, a survey for vendors… Well, you get the picture.

We know you are going to love Online Reference Check.  Give it a try!