Streamline Your New Hire Process

Reference ChecksReference check – If you are hiring  a new employee, or hiring contracted labor, it’s the first thing you should do. Yet, too many employers interview first, then check references. That is like putting the proverbial cart before the horse. Why waste your time interviewing candidates before you discover that their references do not check out, the candidate was less than honest on their resume, or what is even worse, the references are bogus?

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Conducting Reference Checks

Reference ChecksBefore you make a hiring decision, do you conduct thorough reference checks on your top candidates for the job?

With most businesses, whether large corporations or small business owners the answer is yes. And without a thorough reference check, you could make a wrong hiring decision that can be ultimately prove to be very costly to your organization in a number of ways.

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Problem – You Have To Hire A New Employee

Hire A New EmployeeYes, hiring a new employee can sometimes be a real problem. Most likely it’s going to require reference verifications which means you, or someone in your organization, is going to have to start contacting the references. That means someone has to put in the time and the effort to send out multiple inquiries, track the responses, and follow-up by email or phone call with the ones who do not readily respond.

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Landlords – Reference Check Before You Rent

Tenant Reference CheckAre you one of the millions of homeowners who have discovered the potential income of leasing? Or maybe you are a business owner that has tenants in your building.

Tenant housing investment is one of the fastest growing methods for making extra cash flow. Leasing commercial space to tenants can be lucrative as well. And with the growth of the small business sector, most can’t afford their own building and have to rent space, especially if they are just starting out.

So, how do you do an accurate tenant check?

How do you verify the information you are receiving from the background check is trustworthy and true?

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3 Things Every Business Has In Common

Online-Reference-CheckNo matter if you have two employees or two thousand, every business has three things in common. They want to save time, save money and save effort. If those three things can become a reality, then their profit line soars. This is especially true when it comes to screening and hiring new workers.

As an employer, you cannot be too careful these days. You want make sure you hire reputable people. This requires an employee background check as part of the screening process and this course of action naturally involves reference checks. Nothing new here.

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Reference Check Questions Form – Why They Work Best

Reference Check QuestionsEmployers agree on one thing. When hiring a new employee, the most time consuming and tedious part is reference checks. You call and leave a voice mail. You email and never get a response. You get put on hold for twenty minutes and finally hang up in frustration.  If you have an HR Department which is screening hundreds of applicants a year, the task multiplies exponentially.

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