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Frequently Asked Questions of Online Reference Check

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The Question We Get Most Often Is “Who Can Use Online Reference Check?”

The simple answer is anyone who needs to check a reference. For example:

  1. Individuals – Check references on contractors about to work on your home. Roofers, attorneys, housekeepers, babysitters, mechanics, etc.
  2. Small Businesses – Check references for employees, vendors, accountants, attorneys, bookkeepers.
  3. Corporations – Check references for potential new hires, internal promotions, external vendors, suppliers, security, etc.
  4. Recruiting Firms – Check references for the individuals they are trying to place.
  5. Consulting Firms – Check references on potential employees and contract consultants.
  6. Schools and Universities – Check references for potential students, teachers, employees and administrators.
  7. Dance and Athletic Studios – Check references for trainers and coaches.
  8. Apartment Managers and Building Owners – Check references for potential tenants, maintenance workers, repairmen.
  9. Car Dealerships – Check credit references for potential customers, mechanics.
  10. Churches and Non Profits – Check references on nursery workers, maintenance people, security.
  11. And More – I’m sure we can all think of a few more, maybe potential dates?

What If The Reference Doesn’t Respond?

One of the great benefits to Online Reference Check is that we allow you to check as many as 50 References! Most reference checks are usually done by checking only 5 references – mainly because of the time and effort involved in getting good responses. No one has the time to personally check more than 5 references normally.

Online Reference Check relies on the respondent to complete the online or telephone survey information promptly and completely. However there is really no possible what for anyone or any system to control when, or even if the respondent completes the reference check.  And the number and timeliness of the responses you receive can affect your decision process.

With Online Reference Check we provide the option to send out up to 50 References so if you are not receiving a timely response from a respondent, you simply send out another Reference Check – up to 50!

That should ensure you have the information you need in the time you need the responses to enable you to make an informed decision as long as the reference check is just one part of a process for making the decision.

For example when checking references on a potential employee, the process may include:

  • One or More Interviews
  • Online Reference Check
  • Employment Verification
  • Resume Review
  • Skills Analysis
  • Position-appropriate Assessments
  • Criminal Background Check

Can The Surveys Be Available In Multiple Languages?

Absolutely! Since you can create as many surveys as you wish, you can upload as many translations as you choose.  We are happy to work with you to support specific needs concerning language translation.

Contact Us and let us know your requests and we’ll respond promptly.

Sharing Results – Once I Have The Responses To An Online Reference Check Survey, Do I Share The Responses?

It is entirely up to you, just be sure that you comply with your company’s Human Resource Policies if you work for an organization. If you do choose to share the results of this survey with the individual or company on whom you are checking references, please remember to only share the collective responses and not individual responses. This will protect the privacy of each individual who responded and ensure that you comply with the Online Reference Check User Agreement.

Next Steps – Once I Have A Satisfactory Reference Check, What More Do I Need To Do Before Proceeding With The Individual Or Business?

References are only one piece of the puzzle when choosing a person or company to hire, house, finance or otherwise engage. Other suggestions include interviews, resumes, and possibly a criminal background check.